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What Our clients say

“Alexandra is organized, well connected, and ambitious. She helped my firm locate and evaluate numerous qualified people for our open positions in a very professional manner. She has the technical prowess to help screen people for the specific skills that we were looking for. Her attitude is upbeat and her dedication unprecedented.
Craig Calder
Director of Project Management
“Alexandra has a wealth of knowledge and connections in the IT world. As an Account Manager and Senior Recruiter, she has an excellent understanding of the needs of her clients and the overall IT functions within an organization. Her professionalism is second to none and she provides excellent service and candidates to her clients to fill critical positions. I also enjoyed working with Alex as she is a fun person to be around and a great communicator.”
Keith Bearden
“I've had the pleasure of working with Alex, as both a candidate and hiring manager, going on 15 years. Not only is she extremely professional, but also fun and demonstrates empathy. Seeking new opportunities can be a stressful road and Alex does a great job walking that path with you and making it just a bit easier. She responds quickly and communicates effectively. I strongly recommend her not only if you are a job seeker, but for any employer looking for an outstanding recruiter who will work hard to bring the talent you seek."

“I am very grateful for Big A Tech Search and specifically Alexandra whose remarkable professionalism, selflessness, and generosity was invaluable in my job search journey. In an era where many recruiters are solely focused on their targets and quotas, Alex stands out as a beacon of integrity and dedication.

It was clear she was genuinely invested in my success. She graciously dedicated hours of her time to breaking down the often-complex recruiting process, patiently guiding me through the nuances of different recruiter job roles, their motivations and offering invaluable insights on the current job market trends. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise were evident in every conversation, making me feel well-prepared and confident in my job search.

I am grateful for Alex's support, and I firmly believe that her ethical and compassionate approach to recruiting is a rare and valuable asset to the industry. Her professionalism and dedication to helping job seekers like me are a testament to her character and commitment to making a positive difference in people's lives. Thank you, Alex, for being an exceptional mentor and ally in my job search journey!"

“Alex is a very strong force in Portland recruiting. She takes the time to fully understand specific recruiting needs and consistently provides strong candidates. Most importantly, she acts with integrity and I have a high level of trust with her in all of our interactions. You would be lucky to have her as a part of your internal or extended partner team.”
Jim Snell
VP of IT
“I have worked with Alex on a number of occasions when I was in need of IT resources. She is extremely personable and communicates very well. Her background as an IT professional really sets her apart from other recruiters in that I don't have to spend a great deal of time explaining the details of the skillset we are looking for. She is very reliable and is the first person I call when I need help with resources.”

Doug Hayes
IT Enterprise Apps Manager

“As a candidate of Alexandra when looking for a new position. She did an amazing job at finding a company that is a great fit for me. I'm extremely happy with where I’m employed, and Alexandra's help in getting me here.

Alex really prepared me for success. She had done a lot of research on the company, knew exactly what should be done and when it should be done, and prepped me for the whole process. She helped me get my resume in order before I applied and was an advocate for me when my resume was being considered. During the interview process, she made sure I knew the background of each interviewer (about 10 altogether), gave a breakdown of what I should expect, and gave me tips on how to be successful. After the interview, she let me know when to follow up and gave guidance on what to say.

I can't say enough how amazing it was working with Alex and how painless she made the process. She obviously loves what she does, and wants to make sure both the company and the job applicant find a good match. Thank you Alexandra, for finding such a great job and helping me with the hiring process.”

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