Need help filling a Security position
full-time or contract?

What expense does your organization incur while having unfilled positions?

How much is that empty seat costing you or your project? What deadlines are not being met and what company objectives are falling behind? Call us so we can help you fill that position quickly.

Contract or Full-time staffing needs can be handled by us.

Why pay more for an Executive Search and why pay a retainer fee up front? We are so well networked in our markets that we can fill your Executive level positions with local talent. We know many executives in town that are confidentially looking for their next big move.

If you have a position to be filled, please contact us via phone or email.

Big A Tech Search specializes in IT Security, IT Operations and Engineering roles as well as Executive positions.

Listed below are the most common positions we fill.

CISO/CIO/IT Management

Security Engineers (SecOps, AppSec)

Security Analyst

Incident Response Analyst

Security Engineers

Threat Hunters

SIEM Admin

Security Administrator

Security Project Manager

IAM Specialist

IT Security Architect

PCI Compliance

Security Architect

Cyber Security Engineer

Pen Tester

Ethical Hackers

Security Auditor

Security Manager

Security team (Red team, Blue team)

Network Security Engineer

If you have a position to be filled, call us now

Client References

Alexandra is organized, well connected, and ambitious. She helped my firm locate and evaluate numerous qualified people for our open positions in a very professional manner. She has the technical prowess to help screen people for the specific skills that we were looking for. Her attitude is upbeat and her dedication unprecedented.
Craig Calder
Alex has been a key partner in helping me build my IT team. She is able to recruit candidates that are both a cultural and a technical fit. Her attention to detail and holistic view on a good match result in talking to the right candidates. This leads to a long and trusting recruiting relationship where the customer and candidates will gladly work with Alex again.
Paul Wogan