Alexandra Nickoli

Founder of Big A Tech Search

A Woman-Owned Business

Alexandra Nickoli, founder of Big A Tech Search, understands that
people and technology are not only science but an art.

Big A Tech Search was inspired while on an 8 month global adventure.  Big A Tech Search was built from the experience of 10 years in IT Operations, 7 years of IT Consulting, 6 years of agency Recruiting, and the raw talent and tenacity of Alex. She believes it is possible to provide excellent service to both candidates and clients while keeping everyone’s best interest at heart.

Alex started in technology at a young age and eventually became a COBOL programmer. Much of her career was spent as an independent consultant working as a developer on PeopleSoft implementations. In 2006, Alex wanted to change careers and found her love for people and technology made for a great technical recruiter. Having worked as a contractor and as a full-time employee, she has a good understanding of the client’s requirements and the candidate’s needs.

Alex loves to travel, so when she is not working, you will probably find her in a tropical climate or on some other international exploration. She speaks Spanish fluently and is learning Portuguese because she is passionate about communication with everyone. 

Alex has integrity, ambition and fun in business and in life.

Positions filled

CISO, CIO, CTO Executives

Software Engineering


IT Operations Infrastructure

IT Security
Cyber Security
Data Security

Technical Sales

I have worked with Alex on a number of occasions when I was in need of IT resources. She is extremely personable and communicates very well. Her background as an IT professional really sets her apart from other recruiters in that I don't have to spend a great deal of time explaining the details of the skillset we are looking for. She is very reliable and is the first person I call when I need help with resources.
Doug Hayes
IT Enterprise Apps Manager
Alexandra is organized, well connected, and ambitious. She helped my firm locate and evaluate numerous qualified people for our open positions in a very professional manner. She has the technical prowess to help screen people for the specific skills that we were looking for. Her attitude is upbeat and her dedication unprecedented.

Craig Calder
Director of Product Management